Amidst adversities, the community of Mabongtot strengthened their bayanihan or “Abbuyog”  to complete the construction of footpath/pathway, a project under the Risk Resiliency Program-Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation and Disaster Risk Reduction (RRP-CCAM-DRR) of the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD).

Barangay Mabongtot is a far-flung barangay in Lubuagan, Kalinga. The unimproved footpath in the community poses a significant risk specially to the school-going children.  Hence, the concreting of the community footpath was proposed to be implemented under RRP-CCAM DRR to provide easier and safer access to all passersby.

To realize this, the DSWD through its Cash-for-Work (CFW) Modality allocated funds for labor costs while the Provincial Local Government Unit (PLGU) Kalinga provided raw materials for the concreting of the footpath. A total of 50 beneficiaries in barangay Mabongtot was provided temporary employment, each received PhP 4,000.00. Working together within 10 working days, they were able to concrete 100 meters of footpath. The constructed footpath directs to the Day Care Center of the Barangay mainly catering the pre-schoolers.

Strategically and collectively rising above obstacles

The on-going dispute of Barangay Mabongtot with another tribe disturbing the peace and order situation in the municipality affected the implementation. Nonetheless, the project implementers together with LGU Lubuagan stepped up their coordination and pushed through to strategically mobilize the human resources available in order to complete the works within the given timeline.

Considering its remote location and absence of road access, delays and difficulties in hauling of raw materials were expected. The unfavorable weather conditions and gun-firing of the warring tribes aggravated the situation prompting to halt the hauling activities as the beneficiaries have to prioritize their safety.

Addressing the hauling issues, PLGU Kalinga provided vehicles and fuels to transport the materials up to road end. The community then took over to transport it by foot from Bananao to Mabongtot. Human resources for hauling were strategically scheduled to ensure the safety of all the community-people. The PNP also assisted to ensure the safety and security of the beneficiaries and project implementer.

The close coordination and collaboration of CCAM Focal and the continuous support of the LGU concerned became the key contributors to the Program’s success in Mabongtot.

“Naragsakan kami ta ada didyay pathway para kadagidyay ubbing nga ag-school, isunga dinawat mi didyay nga footpath ta dagidyay babassit nga mapan agiskwela, isu ngay pagnaan da.” Sonny Gantoc Mataloa, one of the CFW beneficiaries stated.

Based on the data of the Mabongtot Barangay Health Unit, accidents caused by the slippery path significantly decreased. The paved pathway makes it safer for the youngsters as they  no longer pass through slippery and muddy trail.

Dakkel nga iyaman mi ti dayta nga inted yu nga footpath kadakami ta kas maysa met nga development ti barangay mi tapnu malag-anan dagidyay ubbing nga mapan agiskwela, haan da nga maputputikan.”  Robinson Lagasca Sapalo, a beneficiary also added.

Meanwhile, the community expressed their gratefulness for the amount they have received from the 10-day paid work. “Dakkel ti impact na didyay nga intrabahuan mi. Nakatulong kanyami nga pangalaan ti kasapulan mi. Isunga dakkel ti iyaman mi kadakayo ti intultulong yu,” expressed Fidel Pataclang Dagson, one of the CFW beneficiaries.

The beneficiaries in collaboration with the Barangay LGU planted flowers alongside the footpath for its beautification and to make it more user-friendly to passersby.

Lubuagan MSWDO Ophelia Grace B. Tagaotao expressed her heartfelt gratitude to the RRP-CCAM-DRR where she stated that this Program helped the LGU a lot in educating the people of Lubuagan especially during the conduct of orientation and consultation with the people and barangay officials.

“The LGU improved especially in prioritizing the needs of the people.This project taught the beneficiaries the sense of ownership as they have participated from planning to completion of the footpath hence they pledged to protect and preserve it to their utmost effort,” she ended. # DSWD FIELD OFFICE CAR, SOCIAL MARKETING UNIT, IO II MYLYN M. BONGSIAN with PDO II ROSEMARIE ORTEZA AND PDO II IVY MARIANO


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