The Recovery and Reintegration Program for Trafficked Persons (RRPTP) comprises a comprehensive package of services that ensures adequate recovery and reintegration of victims of trafficking, in coordination with the Department of Justice and other government agencies.  Services under the RRPTP include the following:

  • Case Management, which covers analyzing problems and needs, implementing interventions, and monitoring and evaluating the progress of trafficked persons;
  • Direct Service Assistance, which includes provision of basic hygiene kit and food assistance, financial assistance while awaiting employment or undergoing training, capital assistance, educational assistance, medical assistance and referral to potential employers or business partners;
  • Training, which involves a basic computer literacy course for interested trafficked persons that enhances their knowledge and skills to facilitate employment;
  • Support for Victims and Witnesses of Trafficking, which includes auxiliary services for victims and witnesses in ongoing cases (i.e., board and lodging, documentation and other incidental expenses); and,
  • Shelter for Victims of Trafficking, which is provided through existing centers for victims in search of temporary shelter to cope with traumatic experiences and for those with ongoing court cases.

The cases of trafficking in persons include forced labor, sexual exploitation, prostitution, slavery, adoption, pornography, removal/sale of organs, illegal recruitment, child trafficking, repatriation, involuntary servitude, drug trafficking, intercepted and others.

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