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About the Service

The existence of a number of laws and administrative orders on the regulations of public solicitations has created confusion and conflict in its implementation. To remedy the matter, Administrative Order no. 79, titled “Omnibus Rules and Regulations on Public Solicitations” was issued taking into account all existing laws on public solicitation.


Any person, corporation, organization, association or any other juridical entity including NGOs, civic organizations, employees’ association and other professional organization desiring to solicit or receive contributions from public for charitable purposes.


For Juridical entities, People’s Organizations and Associations:

1. Duly accomplished application form

2. Certified true copy of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) registration

3. List of current members of the governing board of the organization with the principal place of business and current residential addresses of each governing board member, their nationalities and positions in the organization.

4. Approved resolution to conduct fund-raising campaign with a 70-30 ratio pledge limit for project expenditure and administration costs respectively.

5. Certified list of authorized agents who will conduct the solicitation

6. Endorsement from appropriate agency who will conduct the solicitation.

7. Endorsement from the appropriate agency which has jurisdiction over the project to be undertaken.

8. Written commitment of the applicant or officers of the organization to assume full responsibility for the total funds generated.

For Individuals:

Necessary documents for individual applicants will not cover requirements no. 2-4


Issuance of permit for public solicitation

Monday – Friday
8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

P500.00 based on A.O. 14, series of 2007 page 4 of 25

How To Avail Of The Service:

Step Applicant / Client Administrator’s Office
(Standards Unit) Activity
Duration of Activity Person-in-Charge
1 Proceed to the Standards Unit. Secure Application Form and other requirements Provide the client  with a brief orientation on Public Solicitation and its requirements 10 minutes SU staff- Ms. Concepcion Navales or Ms. Claire Padio
2 Submit the duly accomplished applicationform and other supporting documents Receive and review / assess application and documents submitted. Advise applicant to pay required processing fee 10 minutes SU staff
3 Proceed to the Cash Unit to pay Issue official receipt 3 minutes Cash Unit
4 Proceed to Standards Unit (SU) Record  Official Receipt #, date of  OR & Amount Paid Advised  applicant to  claim approved permit upon notification within 3  working days from application 2 minutes SU Staff

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