Cordillera Administrative Region- For over two decades now, the DSWD-CAR’s Regional Haven for Women and Girls (RHWG), has stood proud as a sanctuary for women in the region who are in need of protection and rehabilitation services. And this is one of the reasons there was much cause for celebration during its 24th Founding Anniversary held on November 29, 2023 that went with the theme “Empowering Women and Girls: 24 Years of Resilience and Hope”.


DSWD-CAR Regional Director Leo L. Quintilla commended the RHWG residents for exuding inspiration and strength as well as the center’s staff for their excellent heart of service. “The residents are part of a true story that will come true 20 years from now, when they will become somebody someday such as executives, police, doctors, lawyers, etc.,” he said.


Meanwhile, the RHWG residents treated the audience to a variety of special presentations and performances, which showcased their skills and talents, while participants and guests broke out with a tayaw to the enjoyment of everyone in the center. Showing their all-out support to the RHWG residents, participants and guests, composed of key officials and representatives from partners in the public and private sectors, shared their inspirational messages and insights.


Simply called “The Haven”, the event once more highlighted the center’s crucial role as a safe space and alternative family home care for vulnerable, disadvantaged and abused women and girls in the region.


To commence the event, a yearly blessing by a local religious group was done at the residential facility located adjacent the DSWD-CAR premises at North Drive, Baguio City. DSWD-CAR Assistant RD for Administration Mr. Enrique Gascon, Jr. said that the RHWG has attained Level III accreditation, making it a Center of Excellence.


In view of empowering and maximizing the potentials of women, the RHWG provides an array of assistance, through the help of a multi-disciplinary team, including: social, home life, educational, psychological, health, economic, recreational, developmental and spiritual services.


Established in 1999 and first funded through the Congressional Spouses Foundation, the Haven was put up to help women caught in particularly challenging circumstances and children in need of special protection to resolve their issues, recover from traumatic experiences, restore social functioning and regain self-worth and dignity.### DSWD-CAR Social Marketing Unit – Christian Robert M. Sandoval, Information Officer II

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