Aside from giving them skills in managing their enterprises, the DSWD also provides opportunities for the participants to develop life values that can be used in their everyday endeavors

Cordillera Administrative Region – 1,432 individuals from the marginalized sector here have completed the values formation program of the Abundant Life Program (ALP) designed by Dr. Noel Alfonso Cacho of D.Div M. Missiology based in Baguio City. The program was implemented by the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) through its Sustainable Livelihood Program (SLP).

Abudant Life Program (ALP) is a capacity building activity which aims to develop the spirituality of participants to change a person’s mindset in order to improve their quality of life.

Done in 15 batches, it was participated by SLP beneficiaries of Baguio City. They have undergone a two-day training on giving value on all government interventions provided for them.

Based on a study of the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG), it was noted that most government program beneficiaries from the marginalized sector do not value the assistance and interventions given them. Thus, the Values Formation Training was identified and proposed by the City Government of Baguio.

Coursed through a Civil Society Organization funded under Buttom-Up Budgeting (BuB) 2016 projects for the City, the values formation focused on shifting the mindset of the participants on uplifting their quality of life.

In partnership with the life coaches from Prince of Life Christian Ministry. They tackled perception of reality, definition and foundation of success, and maximizing potential talents and resources.

During the training, Marissa Binsol, a representative from the women sector reflected “Gapo ditoy nga training ket naawatan ken maameris ko nga nu anyat kasasaad iti byag me tadta haan nga idjay nga agpatengana, nu nakurapay kami itadta dapat aramiden me iti kabaelan me nga makadur-as iti biag mi” (Because of this training we were able to understand and realize that what we are now does not define our future, we shouldn’t stop on what we are today instead we should work harder to reach our dreams for us to achieve a better quality of life).

Executive Assistant Raffy Tallocoy, representing the Office of the Mayor iterated that the programs by BuB implemented through SLP are poverty reduction efforts to address for the development needs of the marginalized sectors.

Tallocoy added that the marginalized sectors need to learn the values of diligence and commitment while maximizing these kinds of interventions to uplift the quality of their own life.

ALP has been implemented for the 3rd and 4th quarter of 2017, with a total cost of PhP 1.3 million.

DSWD Sustainable Livelihood Program is a capacity-building program designed to help the poor, vulnerable and marginalized families and individuals in acquiring not just assets but also values that are necessary in engaging and maintaining successful livelihoods that will improve their socio economic status. #DSWD-CAR, Social Marketing Unit, Babble Mae Gorio

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