In the photo is Marie participating in one of the art classes given in the Regional Haven.

The Regional Haven provides various services to women and girls who have been abused, abandoned, and/or neglected. Included in the services are skills enhancement activities on different crafts such as baking, cooking, knitting, and paper folding. Clients are also encouraged to discover their creative side through artworks. “Iba-iba ang gusto ng mga clients. Yung iba gustong mag-bake, yung iba gustong mag-knit. Pero lahat sila ay curious at gustong matuto.” one of the Houseparents shared.

As of March 2016, around 22 girls, 2 women and 6 dependents are being sheltered in the Regional Haven. Among them is 7-year old “Marie” (not her real name) who was a victim of rape (multiple CICL perpetrators) and was admitted to the center in 21 August 2015. “Gusto ko po ng dancing. Maganda kasi ito. Paglaki ko, gusto ko namang maging nurse kasi inaalagaan nila yung mga bata na gaya ko.”, Marie shared. Marie is expected to leave the center and be re-integrated to her relatives this May 2016 upon completion of her therapy sessions.
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