Women today, as we know and strive for, are empowered or can we say more empowered. We go for equality and gladly, I noticed this empowerment in my own town, Tubo.

As I work as an Area Coordinator of Tubo for the Kapit- Bisig Laban sa Kahirapan Comprehensive and Integrated Delivery of Social Services (Kalahi-CIDSS) Project of the DSWD, I meet communities with women who have vigor and courage, who are active partners of their husbands and advocates for community development. One of them became my adviser and supporter especially with the implementation of the Kalahi-CIDSS Project. Her accomplishments on good governance and administration really inspired me.

Awarded as the Most Outstanding Mayor 2013 by Super Brand Marketing International, Inc. on May 6, 2013, indeed, I’m very proud of our Mayor Wilma Saguiyod – Gattud.

A teacher by profession, she started to serve her fellowmen as vice mayor on May 2001 and as a mayor from 2004- 2013. Married to Mr. Johnny Gattud of Quirino Province, Mayor Wilma is blessed with three children. Despite her role as a wife and a mother not only to her three children, she still gracefully manages her multiple roles.

On our first meeting, I was a bit shy to approach her. One might tell that she is strict and serious but this change once you get to know her. She’s approachable, friendly and motivated for she believes that someday, her beloved Tubo will achieve its dream.

I won’t forget her warm welcome during our visit to her office to introduce Kalahi-CIDSS Project. With her smiles, I remember her words saying, “We should work hand and hand for the project to be productive and successful.” And the very challenging part was when she mentioned that “It is difficult to move backward when our feet   meant to move forward”.

Her words meant a good start for us. I was so grateful that I did not encounter any hard times on partnership with our Local Government Units on the implementation of the Kalahi-CIDSS Project in Tubo. Our LGU partner was willing to engage and to cooperate for the municipality’s development. She supported the Project whole heartedly, and continues to be one of our Kalahi-CIDSS advocates.

 “Treat your constituents as family and invest on the employees for they are your assets” were just few words of wisdom from her during one of our many conversations. She is one with her people. For this, I salute Mayor Wilma on her good leadership. She is pushing for the people’s welfare. I saw her enthusiasm and dedication in serving her people. Her commitment and dedication boosts me to do my best in helping the people of Tubo despite of many circumstances that may hinder our way to progress. Truly an inspiration to the community and I know this motivates future leaders to do the same.

Playing our many roles in life especially when you are a leader seems a hard task but seeing Mayor Wilma as she takes it with grace under pressure, makes me more determined and committed to serve our fellow Tubonians.

As we work hand in hand, I see many potential leaders from our community volunteers, which maybe a result of an influential inspiration.

So, to our communities, let us continue to play our roles well for our own success, for our own empowerment, for our beloved Tubo! # DSWD-CAR, Area Coordinator Dominga Tangkawan of Tubo, Abra

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