The FDS is one of the conditions that Pantawid Pamilya beneficiaries should fulfill in order to continuously receive cash grants (SMU File Photo)BAGUIO CITY – The regional program management office of the conditional cash transfer also known as Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program recently called for a special assembly for beneficiaries of the program due to increasing non-compliance rate of parents in the monthly family development sessions (FDS).

Pantawid Pamilya FDS coordinator Mr. John Eric Escalante said based on DSWD monitoring, the FDS compliance in Baguio dropped to 53% from a starting compliance rate of 85%.

The FDS is one of the conditions that Pantawid Pamilya beneficiaries should fulfill in order to continuously receive cash grants. The session’s attendance reflects the performance of the parents as the Program’s main receivers of the Program’s financial support.

Escalante stressed that parents miss the opportunity to learn every time they fail to attend the monthly session.

Meanwhile, beneficiaries were also given the chance to air their side regarding the low compliance rate.

The beneficiaries cited the zero or low cash entitlement that had caused discouragement to beneficiaries. Some of them also said the FDS had conflicting schedules with their jobs in the past months. Some said they did not attend the FDS due to urgent family matters. Laziness was also seen by beneficiaries as a cause of their low attendance rate.

Responding to these, Irene O. Bungay, Pantawid Pamilya regional program coordinator, encouraged beneficiaries to help regain the trust of the stakeholders, political leaders and the public on the Program by their compliance with its conditions.

Bungay reiterated to beneficiaries the review of the oath of commitment where the conditions of the program including the FDS are specifically stipulated.

She appealed to the parents to attend every FDS to stop the lowering rate of its compliance and to look at FDS not just as a condition but as a great opportunity to learn.

The program management suggested more frequent home visits to the beneficiaries as way to remind them of their responsibilities. Among the other recommendations include a constant follow up of filed grievances and submitted updates and immediate solutions to these grievances.

The program staff will also closely monitor cash grants received by the beneficiaries and will validate non-compliant beneficiaries yet receiving cash grants. The continuous conduct of Systems Campaign was also recommended in the assembly. n Jomel Anthony V. Gutierrez/DSWD-CAR Social Marketing Unit

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