Cordillera Administrative Region – In a significant stride towards bolstering social services and community development, the Listahanan Database has officially been handed over to the provinces of Apayao and Ifugao on June 21 and 24. This signifies a pivotal step in empowering local governments to effectively address the needs of their constituents.

The turnover ceremonies highlighted the unwavering commitment of the Department of Social Welfare and Development Field Office CAR (DSWD FO CAR) to enhance transparency and efficiency in delivering social services. The Listahanan Database, an extensive information system, identifies and locates impoverished families across the nation, providing a solid foundation for targeted social protection programs.

The turnover in Luna, Apayao on 21 June 2024 was attended by Municipal Social Welfare Development Officers, representatives from the Provincial Social Welfare Development Office and the Provincial Local Government of Apayao, and DSWD FO CAR personnel. The OIC Chief of the Policy and Planning Division and Compliance Officer for Privacy Ms. Marifil C. Jugal stated in her welcome remarks: “As we hand over this database, we are entrusting the Apayao Provincial Local Government Unit with a powerful tool. This database will enable you to identify the most pressing needs of your communities, design interventions that are data-driven and evidence-based, and monitor the progress and impact of your programs with precision.”

A representative from PLGU Apayao expressed their excitement about how the database will transform the way social services are provided in the province.

“With this data, maiidentify po namin yung most vulnerable sectors of our population and develop targeted interventions that address their specific needs.This will not only improve the effectiveness of our social protection programs, but also ensure that our resources are allocated in the most efficient and impactful manner.” said Verlie Baldovino, representing Governor Elias Bulut Jr. She also expressed their deep gratitude to the DSWD for their unwavering support and for providing Apayao with this essential resource, and  emphasized that the database would revolutionize the way social services are delivered in the province, marking a significant step forward in their efforts to combat poverty and uplift the lives of their residents.

Meanwhile the DSWD FO CAR also turned over the Listahanan database to the PLGU of Ifugao on 24 June 2024. The event was attended by the Provincial Advisory Council who highlighted the importance of the database in addressing the unique needs of their communities. In his turnover speech, Assistant Regional Director for Operations Engr. Enrique H. Gascon, Jr. shared that having the correct and complete data is critical in decision-making, crafting policies, and formulating new programs that will be responsive to the beneficiaries.

“Importante po ang data, at Listahanan is a very rich database. It has a lot of information, especially if you could really harness it, dig deeper and process the data. We also suggest that the Provincial Local Government of Ifugao may also integrate the Listahanan data to other existing databases of the province to see the trends and patterns on how the beneficiaries are really doing.”  ARDO Gacon said. He also added that the role of the Data Privacy Officer and Monitoring Team is also important to check on the data. He also commended the dedication of the Provincial Government of Ifugao in completing the requirements and engaging in the data sharing agreement and database turnover.

“Thank you very much, and we will use that [Listahanan database] in our future planning. We believe that the Listahanan will help us in the future. Iyaman” Governor Jerry Dalipog said. He commended the hardwork and commitment of DSWD FO CAR in empowering local governments. He also highlighted that the database will be instrumental in shaping policies and social protection programs that are inclined to the needs of the community.

The local officials looked forward to the improvements in social services. The event was a testament to the commitment of the provincial government to enhance the quality of life for every Ifugao resident.

“Through the successful turnover of the Listahanan Database to Apayao and Ifugao, we are hoping that these provinces now have better tools to fight poverty and support their residents. The database enables local governments to plan and implement impactful programs, accurately identify vulnerable families, and ensure they receive necessary aid. This is just the beginning; Apayao and Ifugao are now equipped to improve community well-being.” DSWD FO CAR Regional Director, Maria A. Catbagan-Aplaten shared. She also commended the efforts and contributions of the DSWD FO CAR personnel in the completion of the Listahanan Database.

The Listahanan Database is a comprehensive list of families in need across the Philippines. It helps the government identify who needs help the most, ensuring that aid and services go to the right people. With this database, local governments can make better decisions about social programs and services. The Listahanan database is accessible to national government agencies (NGAs) and other social protection stakeholders to help identify beneficiaries. According to Executive Order 867 series of 2010, NGAs are encouraged to use the Listahanan database as a tool for pinpointing poor households eligible for social protection programs nationwide.##### – DSWD-CAR, SOCIAL MARKETING UNIT, Joanna Marie M. Caponpon-Apostol


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